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Warehousing Distribution & 3PL

EFM provides warehousing, distribution and third-party logistics (3PL) services for complete peace of mind. From port to warehouse, we offer valuable support with local knowledge and 40 years of expertise through cartage and distribution services.

Managing supply chain challenges with reliable and professional warehousing and distribution services.

EFM’s local warehousing and distribution networks can help you manage the increasingly complex supply chain challenges of import and export markets. Warehousing complements other logistics activities such as transportation, inventory control, order processing, customer services and reverse logistics.

3PL is an entirely customised service offering to deliver improvements and save money. Our dedicated warehousing facilitates sorting, packing, and labelling, allowing us to assist traders in managing their supply chain to be ready for distribution. In addition, our transport and distribution service provides certainty of delivery on time at competitive rates.

Express Freight Management

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Warehousing Distribution & 3PL Services
Third Party Logistics

EFM provides 3PL services for various multinationals and private wholesalers worldwide with purpose-built and secure warehousing facilities and a dedicated distribution team. We take care of shipping, warehousing and fulfilment. With a network of partners and trusted industry contacts, we integrate with the necessary air, sea or land transport carriers to ensure every step in the process is managed for you.


EFM’s warehousing solutions provide price control and protect international cargo through safe storage and custody of goods, eliminating the scope of loss, damage and theft. Warehousing also reduces distribution costs by unloading the goods in bulk and is essential in providing rapid supplies to various destinations. We operate a comprehensive offering of local static warehousing solutions with on-ground supervision and owned transportation fleets.


EFM provides a distribution network from warehouse to point, using our own delivery fleet and contracted carriers. We guarantee that your freight will arrive at its intended destination intact. Each shipment is unpacked at EFM’s warehouse and supervised every step until it reaches its final destination. As a result, our distribution service is second to none.

Warehousing Distribution & 3PL Networks
Our partnerships are the backbone of EFM! We provide complete end-to-end freight management services across industry and region.