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Express Freight Management provides time-sensitive freight and logistics management solutions assisting with the movement of agricultural products and raw materials safely and in controlled environments.

Integrated, multimodal transport and logistics specifically for the agricultural sector.

Express Freight Management has a wide range of solutions for the Agricultural industry that are customised to the specific needs of your agri-business. We manage international transportation (by air, sea and road) and coordinate supply chain management and shipment tracking of commodities from warehouse to warehouse. Our team provide reliable, managed transport and cargo solutions for high-value agricultural goods that require specialist knowledge and expertise.

Express Freight Management currently provides export services for coffee and cocoa out of PNG, managing 90% of PNG’s annual crop. Meticulous planning and a global network allow us to solve complex logistical challenges before they become more significant issues. With three decades of experience, EFM is the partner of choice for all your agri-freight needs.

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Supply chain management solutions for the agricultural sector.