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Humanitarian Aid Freight & Logistics

EFM has the expertise to move and manage humanitarian aid swiftly to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are met effectively.

Coordination of disaster relief supply chain management operations.

Humanitarian aid logistics require efficient and transparent systems to ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are met effectively. Whether moving goods or equipment as part of any humanitarian relief package, EFM has the expertise to ensure it reaches the destination as swiftly as possible. We have a proven track record of assisting and supporting intergovernmental associations and global aid groups by providing shipping and logistics services for humanitarian aid.

As a family-owned business operating in the South Pacific, we see first-hand the impact that natural and human disasters have on our communities and the environment. As such, we provide access to containers, warehousing and transportation to get much-needed supplies where they are needed as part of any international relief effort. For a humanitarian aid logistics partner, EFM has you covered.

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Supply chain management solutions for humanitarian aid.